Der feine Unterschied…. und das ist bei uns Tradition.

Seit 1985 ist die City-Autolackierung im Familienbesitz und somit bereits in der zweiten Generation. Stillstand bedeutet Rückschritt und deshalb haben wir es uns zum Ziel gesetzt, auch in den kommenden Jahren durch neuste Techniken und hoch Qualifizierte Mitarbeiter ihr Kompetenzzentrum für Lackierarbeiten aller Art zu sein.


my philosophy

For you – my customers – masterly work should be affordable. Our service looks like from the authorized workshop, has the same quality, but is much cheaper. Why is that?

We combine craftsmanship and a lot of experience with the latest technology. It is my top priority that you only get 1A quality instead of cheap "brush work". I can't help with hastily done, inferior patchwork.

My credo: Happy customers come back. My team and I are incredibly proud of your customer satisfaction and glowing reviews.

lacquer box



From enthusiastic boy to
paint expert

From enthusiastic boy to paint expert

As a 12-year-old, I really wanted my old bike to look new again. Luckily my uncle was a painter and he gave me tips to give it a good makeover.

I am a trained painter, coachbuilder and a real car nut. Nothing pleases me more than a fancy car. This passion is my fuel to make your vehicle look perfect again.

I've always been tech-savvy, but ever since then I've been fascinated by every trick, tweak, and method of beautifying vehicles.

A real dream came true for me when we opened the paint box in 2010. Our customers have been loyal to us for 10 years and we are grateful for almost 2,500 people whom we have been able to make happy through our service.

That's why individual customer requests* make my inventor's heart beat faster. Of course, routine repairs are also easy to do.

* We also paint, for example, boat tanks, medical devices, musical equipment, door handles and fittings and artistically designed objects.

my vision

Painting and repair techniques are developing rapidly. I always want to offer my customers the latest, most powerful methods to make our service even better for you and as inexpensive as possible.

I regularly attend training courses and am always up-to-date. Our painting workshop receives the latest sample paints from renowned paint manufacturers, which we can test, evaluate and pass on to you immediately.

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